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There's really very little to see on this site right now. One day there will be, but today is not that day. I'm currently picking away at various aspects of it, testing functionality, and such. Many areas have no content, and lorem ipsum abounds. It's a work in progress, and I have a million other things happening right now that keep me away from it. 


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2 days ago
RT @vivstoitsis: Comet Asassn image from last night by Fritz Helmut Hemmerich.…
2 days ago
Ponder on that folks: 1,500 kilometers per second. That's 932 miles. In one second. DC to Kansas City, or London……
2 days ago
RT @MetOfficeSpace: The area from which AR2673 emerged a month ago has produced a series of CMEs today headed towards STEREO A. Latest CME…
2 days ago
RT @halocme: The CME region is still ~30 degrees behind the limb, taking ~5 days to reach Earth strike zone. Hope it will be still CME-prod…
2 days ago
@esa @NASA C3 looks really cool: CME, Jupiter and Mercury!…