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Let's See How the Blog Looks...
by Karl on February 25th, 2016

This subheading in no way describes the content below.

Here's a pretty sunrise picture (Chesapeake Bay) that I took. It's really self-explanatory, but I need to keep writing stuff here because I'm checking out the text alignment and text wrapping.
Or maybe an image caption should go here? I also need to figure out how to enable clicking on the image to view a larger version.

Now time for a  smaller subheading?

Then a whole load of writing will go here. As an aside, I'm pleasantly surprised by how easy this site is to work with. The learning curve really isn't steep at all. On the off-chance someone actually reads this and is curious, the host is I already owned the domain elsewhere (GoDaddy) and it took all of 30-seconds to get GoDaddy to point my domain to SnapPages' site. I also redirected my other domain name - - to this site. Again, a simple process. Anyway, back to testing this stuff out... We need a full-width image now, methinks.
Clearly water is a theme with me. I like water. I also like hunting for shark's teeth.

One final section now. It looks like video embedding is an option. Let's see...

I do love a good prominence eruption! They look way scarier than they are (in a "threat to humanity" context), but they are incredibly impressive events. 

In Conclusion...

Success. Nice layout options, decent features, and a clean interface to do stuff. I'd perhaps like a couple of better options for captioning images, but given how user-friendly this site is to use, I'll take it.

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