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There's really very little to see on this site right now. One day there will be, but today is not that day. I'm currently picking away at various aspects of it, testing functionality, and such. Many areas have no content, and lorem ipsum abounds. It's a work in progress, and I have a million other things happening right now that keep me away from it. 


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@naivebayesian Thanks! I'm grateful (or apologetic?) that I had some sway! Twitter is a mixed bag for sure, but wit……
6 days ago
Parker Solar Probe is launching this summer! My group here at NRL are the PIs for the imaging telescopes (heliosphe……
6 days ago
RT @NASAGoddardPix: Two heads — er, spacecraft — are better than one, especially for studying the Sun. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe and @esa's…
6 days ago
@WolvezDen Thanks Mr. Killer! 🙂🍻 The next 10,000 will include lots of new science from our telescopes on Parker Sol……
6 days ago
My 10,000th Tweet! 🎇🎂 It's taken me 8yrs to get this far, but I've tried to keep a reasonable signal-to-noise rat……